La Lirica da Oriente ad Occidente 6 Luglio 2016

Lyrical MasterClass 13-20 August 2016

MasterClass with Fiorenza Cossotto, with the pianist and conductor Nicoletta Conti, with director and playwright Paolo Baiocco.



The fee to the Masterclass includes:

Individual and group lessons, board and lodging August from 13rd to 20th, Admission ticket for the Opera "Otello" in Macerata Sferisterio, transport to / from Macerata, Transfer to / from Rome airport and Tolentino guided tour.

For more info download the information form here on the bottom left - Mobile: +39 392 6213801

Masterclass di Canto - Bottega Lirica 18-25 agosto 2016

Masterclass di Canto - Bottega Lirica 18-25 agosto 2016


Teatro Comunale di Caldarola Macerata

The workshop consists of 5 days singing classes (technique and repertoire)  with the Soprano Anna Maria Ferrante and 3 days singing classes and  Music Rehearsal with M° Luis Rafael Salomon. 

The participants will have the opportunity to work with the conductor, the pieces previously studied as well as continuing the study on the vocal  technique, with the vocal coach. 


The workshop takes advantage of the collaboration of M° Marcos Madrigal, 

piano accompanist and Korrepetitor.

INFO  Mobile: +39 392 6213801